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Industrial relations is a multidisciplinary field that refers to the employment relationship between employers and employees. The conduct of this employment relationship, which may be in a unionised and non-unionised environment has become more complicated over the last few years in Malaysia. Therefore, dealing with such high level of employment law, human resources procedures and industrial relations norms can be difficult and administrative, even for the most experienced of employers.

At IR Law, our experienced and qualified Industrial Relations Consultants offer personalized and professional advise to Industrial Relations/Human Resource professionals to manage their day to day IR/HR operations based on Industrial/Labour/Employment Laws whilst providing guidance in adopting best-practice employment principles.

What sets our Consultants apart from our competitors is their expertise and experience solely from the fields of Industrial Relations, Labour & Employment Law and Human Resources. With that, IR Law Members can be confident with our quality of advise, quick turn-around time (emails and queries are usually replied and resolved within a 24 hour period) with personalized attention, exclusively for IR Law members.

Our Consultants can also be retained by employers flexibly on a project basis.

IR Law Membership Privileges

Come sign up as Members of IR Law on a Retainer basis, and enjoy the following free services

  • Free Consultation
    • Once an IR Law Member, you are entitled to free phone, email, fax and even WhatApp consultation on any Industrial/Labour/Employment matter with our Consultants. IR Law Members have the option of visiting our Consultants, in person, at our office if they wish. There is no limit to the number of calls or visits made. At IR Law, we are always at your service. If our Consultant is required to visit you at your office, then a nominal fee will be chargeable.
  • Free Membership to IR Law Portal
    • Free membership to IR Law Digital Library irlaw.elaw.my (worth RM1,200.00 per year), our online legal publishing facility. By this privilege, IR Law Members can access the most innovative facility to update themselves with the latest information on Industrial/Labour/Employment cases, handed down from the Industrial Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal Court of Malaysia. Our cases also contain summaries and commentaries of cases from IR Law’s Consultant, Maimunah Aminuddin, a renowned Employment Law lecturer, with more than 30 years experience in the field of IR/HR. Professor Maimunah’s commentaries are designed to clarify complex human resources issues and are readily applicable to day to day IR/HR operations. Through IR Law Digital Library, IR Law Members can access all relevant Industrial/Labour/Employment legislation, updated with the latest amendments, such as the Employment Act 1955, Sabah & Sarawak Labour Ordinances, Industrial Relations Act 1967, Employment (Termination and Lay-Off Benefits) Regulations 1980 etc. Please click here to access IR Law Digital Library (IR Law Members only portal)
  • IR Law Newsletters and Circulars
    • We will disseminate to all Members monthly online IR Law Newsletters containing summaries of latest landmark cases from the Industrial Court and Superior Courts of Malaysia, on Industrial and Employment Law. IR Law Members will also receive IR Law Circulars on latest developments in the Malaysian industrial relations arena.
  • IR Law Members Meeting
    • Members will be given free invitation to attend bi monthly IR Law Members Meeting. At this Meeting, our Consultants will give a presentation on some key areas of Industrial and Employment Law for the benefit exclusively for all Members.
  • IR Law Webinars
    • Free access to IR Law Webinars. IR Law will conduct a monthly Webinar session on important Industrial/ and Employment Law issues which can only be accessed by its Members.
  • Other Services at No Additional Charge
    • Vetting of employment contracts, disciplinary letters such as show cause letters, notice of inquiry, dismissal letters, etc.
    • Vetting of Company Handbooks, policies and procedures on all employment issues (including disciplinary procedure policies, sexual harassment, whistle-blowing, code of conduct, performance improvement plan policy etc ).
    • Providing opinions based on case laws
    • Advise on compensation and benefits (C&B) issues.
    • Advise on the conduct of domestic inquiries
    • Advice on mergers and acquisitions, changes in ownership of businesses, retrenchment and restructuring
    • Advise on Voluntary Separation Scheme (‘VSS’), Mutual Separation Scheme (‘MSS’), frustration of contract, medical board out, termination of services processes etc.
    • Advise on disciplinary procedure for misconduct and poor performance.
    • Advise on conciliation processes with Industrial Relations Officers at the Industrial Relations Department.
    • Advise on negotiations for collective agreement
  • Chargeable Services

    Although IR Law services are given freely for its Members, however, certain services that require additional time for research would be chargeable such as drafting HR letters, employment contracts, Company Handbook, representation at Labour Court, Industrial Court hearings etc. For these services, IR Law Members enjoy substantial discounted rates over Non Members. Please contact our Consultants at 03-4108 3221 for information, quotes or rates for these services.