IR Law Retainer Program

IR Law welcomes you to join us as Members under our IR Law Retainer Program. IR Law membership encompasses a 12-month period, commencing from the registration date of the Company with IR Law. There is no joining or registration fees!

For large holding companies with two or more subsidiaries or affiliated companies, IR Law Membership will be based on the total number of employees, which means that not only the principal company or holding company will have access to all IR Law privileges, the subsidiary or affiliated company will also enjoy the benefits of IR Law. Please see the following table for an idea how IR Law Membership works:

No of Employees Price per year
50 employees or less RM1950
51 - 100 employees RM2250
101 - 300 employees RM2650
301 - 500 employees RM3150
501 - 1000 employees RM3950
More than 1000 employees RM7000
*Prices above do not include GST

Know more about us and subscribe by downloading our Membership Brochure or Subscribe via online IR Law Retainer Scheme