Who we are

Who we are

We commenced operations in 1995 as a Management Consultancy firm. Recognising the growing need to provide industrial and employment law advice, consultancy and training service to employers, IR Law was established in 2013. Whether employers need consultancy advise over the phone, an agreement negotiated with the union, or assistance with writing an HR policy, IR Law's experienced industrial relations Consultants can assist.

At IR Law, our Consultants are friendly, and dedicated to providing quality, timely and accurate industrial relations and human resource advise to all employers, Human Resource and Industrial Relations professionals.

What sets our Consultants apart from our competitors is their experience and expertise solely in the fields of industrial law, employment and human resources.

At IR Law, we provide the following consultation and services :

  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Retrenchment
  • Mergers / Closures
  • Union Recognition
  • Collective Agreements
  • Company Handbook
  • HR Audit
  • Written Legal Opinions on employment matters
  • Access to Webinar Sessions
  • Meetings with IR Law Members
  • Training on all Industrial Relations and Human Resource matters
  • Representation to Labour Department hearing
  • Discounted rates for representation to Industrial Court

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